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Welcome!  We want your experience here to be as smooth as possible.  If you have any questions, please call Brighter at the front desk.  She will book an appointment for you, help to answer insurance billing questions, and help you with any additional logistical information that you might need.

HOURS:  8:30 -4:30

We are closed between 12 and 1 pm daily for a practice-wide lunch break. This includes the front desk. Please call during our normal business hours (8:30am-12 pm and 1pm-4:30 pm) if you have questions or require assistance: (802) 246-4282.

Your first visit to the clinic is important. Be prepared for about a 60-90 minute appointment, as we will address past and present medical history, family medical history, diet, lifestyle, rest, exercise, stress, and relationships. After a thorough intake is achieved and an understanding of the patient’s medical and social history is understood, a treatment plan is devised utilizing the principals of naturopathic medicine.

Please use the patient portal to fill out your intake form  and bring all pertinent labs and imaging from outside providers.

Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by the majority of Massachusetts state insurance plans. Dr. Eisenheim and Dr. Tomsovic except the following Vermont Insurance plans:  VHAP, Cigna and Blue Cross, Blue Shield VT.  Dr. Maiella is currently out of network with insurance companies, but is happy to give you a superbill for self submitting.

The Doctor’s are available for short telephone consults if you have any questions regarding naturopathic medicine.


Standard appointment fees (when not covered by insurance):
$195.00 for your first visit, 60 minutes  (Dr. Maiella initial visits:  60-90 minutes:  $195.00-295.00)
$85.00 for a 30 minute follow up
$145.00 for a 45 minute follow up

Cranio sacral/visceral manipulation fees:
$100 for 60 min
$75 for 45 min
$50 for 30 min

Please, cash and check only.  Payment is expected at the time of visit, and a finance charge will be applied for outstanding invoices over 60 days past due.


We have a 24 hour cancellation policy because the clinic is extremely busy, and if you adequate notice of cancellation is not given, other patients who would like to come don’t have the opportunity for the appointment.  If 24 hours notice is not given, you will be responsible for 50% of the cost of your visit. If you are scheduled for a procedure (IV or injection), you will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment.

Directions to the New Brattleboro Office

From the South or North: Take I-91 toward Brattleboro VT.
Get off on EXIT 2 for VT-9 W toward Brattleboro/Bennington.
Turn left onto VT-9 E/Western Ave (signs for Vermont 9 E/Vermont 30)
63 Western Ave is on the left.

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In Brattleboro, Vermont

63 Western Ave
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(802) 246-4282


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