Dr. Maiella’s Sabbatical

Dear patients, I have decided that it’s time to take a sabbatical.  It seems like a very appropriate time to explore deeper peace and quiet.  I have very intentionally made this choice, as it is easy in these times to gravitate towards feeling frenzied or scared.

Dr. Rachel Rozelle is here to cover the practice, and I trust that she will be able to be of serve my patients well.  While most of you know that temporarily transferring your care will not be simple, I feel quite certain that she will be able to guide you with your current protocols and recommend changes if needed.   She is so knowledgable when it comes to pediatrics and how to deeply heal the vital force with homeopathy.  Those are just her passions, though.  She is an excellent clinician in many regards.  I know that you will love her, if you haven’t already met her.  She and I will also be collaborating/discussing our shared patients before your first visit (with your permission of course), so you do not have to feel like you are starting from scratch with a new doctor.

The office will remain open, and when appropriate, the sauna and colon hydrotherapy will reopen as well. Brighter will be here, doing everything that she does, and supplements and herbs will remain available for picking up and sending out.

My calling is one of service, so naturally, I will miss that aspect of my day (but I do have baby goats and bees to care for) and I will miss all of you.  I care about each one of you!  Expect that in late Fall, I will be back rejuvenated.

I wish you all well.  May you be happy and safe.