Intravenous Vitamin C

The physicians at the Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic use vitamin C, intravenously (IVC) to treat a number of self limiting and chronic illnesses.  It works directly as antiviral (see references) as well as more deeply on your immune system, creating an environment where your body is strong enough to have a robust and healthy immunological response to an infection (viral, bacterial or fungal). IVC is tissue regenerative, it decreases pain from connective tissue injuries and speeds recovery time.

Vitamin C is a very effective adjunctive treatment for cancer.  It helps with pain and tolerability of chemotherapy.  It is also complimentary to oncologic care, so many treating oncologists feel like it is may be used right also side chemotherapy.   To download an informative description of “IV Vitamin C for Cancer Care”, please click HERE.  While the doctors at the Windhorse Clinic do not directly treat cancer, we are happy to carry out orders of your oncologist.

See the decades of studies, internationally published articles on the use of IVC for cancer and infection.  The National Institutes of Health has published evidence confirming Vitamin C’s anti-cancer properties.  The Riordian Clinic has dozens of easily assessable articles for learning more about this treatment.  Here is a quick list of interesting articles.