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What is Autonomic Response Testing?

Intravenous Vitamin C

2014-2014 Vitamin D and the Flu

Flu Vaccine 2012-2013

Transitions into Menopause

Keeping Kids Healthy

Warming Sock Treatment

Complementary Protein  Combining

Protein  Content of Food

Calcium Content of Foods

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Lyme presentation 2012

Tick-Bite-Procedure 2015

Dr. Maiella’s LYME presentation, 2011

Lyme Article

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4 thoughts on “Articles and Handouts

  1. Greetings, Dr. Maiella, I live in Montague, and am leaving soon for a 6 week project in Ireland, where I’ll be working extensively in high grasses — tick haven! I saw mention of your tick prevention protocol in the pdf you linked to. Could you tell me more about it? Is it available for purchase? Also, am wondering your thoughts on the effectiveness of this preventative repellant which a friend suggested: “a mixture of rose geranium, lavender, citronella and peppermint essential oil.

    Ticks hate geraniol, a constituent found in many plants, particularly rose geranium and lavender.

    Put some olive oil in a 1 oz. tincture bottle and put 10 drops rose geranium essential oil (eo), 7 drops lavender eo, 5 drops citronella eo and 5 drops peppermint eo. Apply the oil to the skin before going outside!”

    Many thanks,
    Sarah Bliss

  2. HI Sarah, Give the office a call on Tuesday and I will be happy to connect you with some Lyme prevention tincture. Not sure what the Lyme status is like in Ireland…

  3. Dear Dr. MAIELLA,

    I read a posting on your web page regarding procedure for removing ticks. I’d like to point out that the web address you have listed for submitting ticks will take your patients on a somewhat circuitous route. You may wish to update the link directly to (since all UMass tick testing traffic is forwarded there anyway).

    Also, I read with interest about the “Tic-Kit” that you are using. You indicate that its uses the same method as our lab (Laboratory of Medical Zoology at UMass)m, but I could not find any reference to a Tic-Kit online and I’m wondering if you are actually doing a TaqMan qPCR on the indicated pathogens. It seems more likely that you are using an antibody based snap test akin to the product called “Lymenator” (from Affiniton). Can you share a bit more about what precisely you are using to test for Borrelia and Bartonella in Ixodes scapularis?

    Thank you,
    Stephen Rich
    Professor of Microbiology
    Director of the Laboratory of Medical Zoology
    University of Massachusetts

  4. I did ask the lab (Pharmasan) and this was their response. “We perform PCR analysis, similar to the TaqMan rPCR, not testing like the
    Our assay has greater than 95% sensitivity.”

    Best regards

    Dawn Franzmeier

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