Naturopathic Therapeutic Order

  1. Stimulate the Vis Medicatrix Naturae
    (Other names for “Vis” include “qi”, “prana”, “life force”) This is the force that moves us towards health; it is the essence that invigorates us. Some modalities that we utilize to stimulate the “Vis” include hydrotherapy, exercise, yoga, mediation, craniosacral therapy, energy medicine and homeopathy.
  2. Tonify Weakened Systems:
    Specific organs and body systems are sometimes over/underexpressed by people differently, for example some patients may have a hyper and hypo-stimulated immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, and cardiovascular system etc.
  3. Correct Structural Integrity:
    Disease may affect all systems if the communication pathways are compromised by spinal and nervous systems mal-alignment.
  4. Prescribe specific, pathology based, natural substances.
    This is often necessary in more advanced pathology, however, this is done while addressing the underlying imbalance. When patients are in severe distress or pain, and they need relief immediately, naturopathic physicians may prescribe medicines, which allow for symptom palliation.
  5. Pharmacological Agents for Pathology
    “To everything there is a season.” There are many situations that warrant conventional medical treatments and therapies. In these cases, naturopaths utilize allopathic medicine as a subset to our modalities.
  6. Surgery, Suppressive drugs, radiation and chemotherapy:
    These interventions save lives and help many, many patients to live longer, happier, healthier lives. As Dr. John Bastyr said towards the end of his retirement, “Do what works.” In my experience I have seen many patients continue to lead healthy lives thanks to these interventions.