Dr. Maiella’s Sabbatical

Dear patients, I have decided that it’s time to take a sabbatical.  It seems like a very appropriate time to explore deeper peace and quiet.  I have very intentionally made this choice, as it is easy in these times to gravitate towards feeling frenzied or scared. Dr. Rachel Rozelle is here to cover the practice, […]

Immune Support Available

We have been gathering information on herbal treatments that have been effective at treating historic coronaviruses (NOT COVID -19). Herbal antivirals can be used to target the virus itself, the immunological manifestation and the local tissue involvement/damage. Herbal antiviral tinctures can be used at low dose for general immune support (2 dropperfuls per day). If […]

COVID -19 Prevention

COVID-19 has become a pandemic.  It’s hard not to feel a sense of fear and panic around this new illness.  But it’s important to remember that the coronavirus, similar to the influenza virus, does not affect everyone in the same way.  In fact, many people may have or have had the coronavirus and think they […]

Neurofeedback FAQ

What is neurofeedback?  Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time measurements of brain wave activity, measured through an EEG, to train the brain to self-regulate and optimize brain function.  What conditions does neurofeedback treat? NFB can treat a variety of different neurological and mental health conditions including:  ADHD Autism, PANS, PANDAS Anxiety Depression […]

Now Offering Neuromodulation and Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback works to reduce dysfunctional brain wave patterns, increase brain connectivity and functionality, and optimize brain health. It is a safe and effective treatment option for many mental and neurological conditions including: ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, stress disorders, PTSD and other stress related disorders, headaches, head injuries, sleep issues, stroke recovery, and peak performance.

Colon Hydrotherapy, An Alternative Choice for Colonoscopy Preparation

    Usually, colonoscopy screening has you fasting for 24 hours, and drinking a vast amount of liquid laxatives the night before your test. This is typically not everyones’s favorite day.  However, there is a complementary method specifically designed to prepare your colon for a colonoscopy!   Colon Hydrotherapy involves gentle infusions of warm water into […]

Weekly Colon Hydrotherapy Wisdom

Let talk about Peristalsis, Serotonin and SSRI’s…. Peristalsis is the wave-like action of the smooth muscles within your gastrointestinal tract.  This wave helps to move food down through your digestive tract, and prevents food from coming back up.  It’s a beautiful event that your body does for you. Well, why is mine not working? Boost […]

Tick Bite Protocol

1. Promptly remove with tweezers or tick spoon. Pull the tick out perpendicularly to the skin. Do not aggravate the tick. Pull gently and swiftly. Do not apply Vaseline or any other agent (including lighting it on fire) prior to removal. However, you may apply some antibacterial ointment to the area after removal.