Weekly Colon Hydrotherapy Wisdom

Let talk about Peristalsis, Serotonin and SSRI’s…. Peristalsis is the wave-like action of the smooth muscles within your gastrointestinal tract.  This wave helps to move food down through your digestive tract, and prevents food from coming back up.  It’s a beautiful event that your body does for you. Well, why is mine not working? Boost […]

Spring Medicinal Foods Workshop

Join in-house Naturopath Dr. Nitya Eisenheim and herbalists Maria Biello, Emma Donnelly and Margot Wise for two hands-on hours of preparing medicinal foods for spring attunement. Recipes will include wild-harvested foods! Enjoy samples of herbal products during class and take home a recipe packet and foraging guide. Learn about the spring herbs growing all around […]

Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic

We have some very exciting news to share! As of April 4th, 2016, we will be getting a new name and a new home. We will also have a new website address: http://www.windhorsenaturopathic.com/ We will remain the same clinic you have known all these years, but under a new name that we feel better represents our practice: Windhorse […]

Tick Bite Protocol

1. Promptly remove with tweezers or tick spoon. Pull the tick out perpendicularly to the skin. Do not aggravate the tick. Pull gently and swiftly. Do not apply Vaseline or any other agent (including lighting it on fire) prior to removal. However, you may apply some antibacterial ointment to the area after removal.