Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic

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We have some very exciting news to share! As of April 4th, 2016, we will be getting a new name and a new home. We will also have a new website address:

We will remain the same clinic you have known all these years, but under a new name that we feel better represents our practice: Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic.  The word Windhorse comes from pre-buddhist Tibet, and it can also be cross referenced in some Native American cultures. Windhorse is an energy of aliveness and vitality.  The Windhorse also is a messenger, bringing your prayers from Earth to the Heaven.

If you haven’t met Dr. Nitya Eisenheim yet, feel free to make an appointment with her.  She graduated from Bastyr University in 2015, and has been working with Dr. Maiella for the last 6 months.  She is taking new primary care patients, has an interest in auto-immune and gastrointestinal issues, and also offers Cranio-sacral therapy and Visceral Manipulation. 

Our new clinic space is just a short drive from our current location at Park Place. 

63 Western Ave
Brattleboro VT 05301

Our main office number is unchanged: (802) 246-4282. Please call us if you have any questions. 

Please be aware of the following policy/ fee schedule changes (effective April 4th):
– Standard follow up appointments will be 30 minutes- $85 for non-insurance patients
– 45 minutes are available upon request and are $130
– We are also getting stricter on our No-show policies.  You are responsible for half of your missed appointment.
– We will be closed between 12 and 1 pm daily for a practice-wide lunch break. This includes the front desk. Please call during our normal business hours (8:30am-12 pm and 1pm-4:30 pm) if you have questions or require assistance.